Visiting Warsaw to meet our Spotters

Our adventurous Interrail trip from Vilnius involved nuns, fire fighters and a few kilometers of walking with 200 passengers (check our Insta Stories!)

It was more memorable than any flight we’ve ever taken, but were very happy to arrive in Warsaw late at night after about 16 hours…

Locals chilling by the Vistula River

After a good night’s sleep in the pleasant and centrally located Hostelworld hostel (Mish Mash) we had a full day to explore Warsaw. Since we last visited (2015) so much has changed.

It was nice to see that in many neighborhoods that we remember being quite “empty” in 2015 lots of small shops, restaurants and bars are popping up.

It’s not surprising to us that Spotted by Locals Warsaw app currently has more than 200 up-to-date tips. We’re not entirely objective of course, but it’s a really good city guide with lots of off the beaten track and suprising tips…

Apart from the touristy “Old Town”, Warsaw has relatively few tourists. Now is a very good time to visit!

Meeting our Spotters at Warszawa Powiśle Warsaw

Unfortunately only half of our awesome Warsaw team could join us at the cool Warszawa Powíszle and the bar had run out of beer (no, it wasn’t us!), but this didn’t spoil a very nice evening…

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This trip was made possible by 🚆 Interrail – the pass that allows you to travel on almost all trains in Europe

And 🛌 – the place to book hostels. In Warsaw we stayed at Mish Mash Nowogrodzka Hostel

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