We launched Spotted by Locals Rijeka!

Molo Longo (by Nikolina Demark)

Recently we launched our 76th city guide, for the city of Rijeka Croatia!

Haven’t been to Rijeka? Now is the time to go! Rijeka will be European Capital of Culture in 2020 and preparations are in full swing. We were invited to Rijeka earlier this year to speak at a conference and were very impressed with the city. Its magnificent history in shipping and ship building is still very visible with lots of super cool industrial architecture, there’s great nightlife,  fine food and a very interesting mix of cultures: Slovenia is very close and the city has a lot of historical ties with Italy.

Ex factory Bencic Rijeka (by Davor Mandić)

And now there’s an extra reason to go: our locals’ tips :) Rijeka Spotters Davor, Iva, Nikolina & Siniša have done an awesome job writing about their favorite spots. Just a few of the gems:

  • Bordel La Grotta – a brothel turned into a bar (spotted by Nikolina)
  • Explorare Necesse Est – a street art homage to the working class, one of Nikolina’s favorites
  • Vovodna street – a street with a bad reputation that “a beauty in disguise—just waiting to be discovered” according to Davor who just moved there!
  • Ex-factory Benčić – an abandoned old sugar factory that’s going to be turned into a temple of culture (spotted by Davor)
  • Klub Mladih – a very local bar where many cultural activities are organized (spotted by Siniša)
  • Venecijanska Kuća – a Venetian palace belonging to a Rijeka scientist who co-invented the torpedo!

Trsat view Rijeka (by Siniša Arbanas)

Go before tourists discover Rijeka during Rijeka 2020! This month (October 2019) and in 2020 you’ll see Rijeka on all our blogs, as we’re doing a campaign with the Rijeka 2020 team to get more visitors to learn about this truly cool relatively undiscovered gem. With pleasure!

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