We launched Spotted by Locals Philadelphia!

Philadelphia (by Kevin Burkett)

Philadelphia (by Kevin Burkett)

Today, we launched our 61st city guide: Spotted by Locals Philadelphia!

We are very happy to have finally added this important American destination to “our” list. There are so many cool locals hotspots in Philadelphia that our city loving locals have been so kind to share with the world.

Navy Yard Food Truck Lineup (by Cara Jo Castellino)

Navy Yard Food Truck Lineup (by Cara Jo Castellino)

Just a few examples of spots recommended by our Spotters:

  • Little Baby’s ice cream – Crazy ice cream (like Earl Grey Sriracha, Olive Oil Rosemary Lemon, Everything Bagel, and Sweet Potato Burnt Marshmallow…)
  • First Friday Art Walk – Wine, snacks & art from 17:00 to 21:00 in the art gallery district (40+ galleries!)
  • Stir – a bar with US $ 1 drinks on Thursday nights
  • Martha Graham Cracker Show – A crazy cabaret show with “Hairy drag queens that are in this year”, according to local Rob!
  • Russet – quite a fancy restaurant that encourages you to “bring your own booze”
  • Philadelphia Magic Gardens – A unique urban garden/art installation project great for your new profile picture…
  • Barcade – the perfect, but not often found, combination of booze & arcade games
  • Spruce Street Harbor Park – A pop-up summer park with lots of entertainment
  • Navy Yard Food Truck Lineup
Philadelphia's magic garden (by Joao Kedal)

Philadelphia’s magic garden (by Joao Kedal)

We can’t wait to experience their favorite spots ourselves. Fortunately we don’t have to wait too long, as we’ll visit Philadelphia in June!

Check out the Philadelphia blog yourself! Android & iPhone apps (and PDF city guide) should be available before mid May!

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