We love our (ex-)Spotters

Roddy Cunningham – Glasgow Spotter

It’s always sad for Spotted by Locals when a Spotter has to quit. The most common reason for quitting is a Spotter moving from their city. Even though some Spotters would love to continue working for Spotted by Locals from their new home city, we have to be strict: all Spotters need to live in the city they write about.

Roddy, our soon to be former Spotter from Glasgow, sent us this beautiful e-mail. He allowed us to publish it here.

Hey Sanne and Bart,

This is just a quick email to let you know that it is with great sadness that come the middle of August I can no longer be a Glasgow spotter anymore. I have received a scholarship to study a Masters of Engineering in Grenoble, France (confirmed yesterday) and will shortly be leaving Glasgow to start a part of my life in France.

Ever since I first read about Spotted by Locals in The Guardian probably about 4 years ago now, I have loved the website and its whole ethos. This especially became true when I used it so successfully in Ljubljana and ever since then it has been my first port of call when visiting European cities. Since the I have watched the growth of the site and now the apps with astonishment and I can not commend both of your work enough. Especially now with the new website and the iPhone & Android app which are absolutely brilliant.

I have really enjoyed writing about Glasgow, I think compared to many cities in Europe on paper it isn’t as Glamorous or aesthetically pleasing, but I think what the spotters have especially shown is that it does have great character and brilliant things to see if you can avoid the rubbish cliches that Visit Scotland tells you to visit. I also think the spotters in other in Glasgow are superb and they got to far too many spots before I ever had a chance!

I would just like lastly to thank both of you for giving me the chance to do this over the last 2 years and I would extend my welcome to either of you if you happen to be passing through the Rhone-Alpes anytime you have my email. It would be good to have a beer…

Many Thanks,

We love our (ex-)Spotters.

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