We’ll visit 40+ cities in 2015!

We’ve been planning for many months, but can now finally share the good news: with the help of a few sponsors (and renting out our apartment) we will probably be able to stay on the road most of the year 2015, and visit more Spotted by Locals cities in a year than we ever have!

We are now planning a trip around Europe by Interrail from April and May, where we hope to meet 155 Spotters in 27 cities. In June we plan a trip around North America, to visit all our 11 destinations.

The rest of the year we will visit quite a few other cities as well. 42 should definitely be possible, perhaps more! (Why not all 61 you ask? Do you want us to have a nervous breakdown?!)

On this interactive map, you’ll find all the Spotted by Locals cities we’re planning to visit this year. Subject to change – very much…

I think you can imagine we’re very much looking forward to this!

PS: If you like puzzles: you’ll find 3 new Spotted by Locals destinations on the map! Can you find all 3?

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