Why become a Spotter? Our Spotters can tell you!

On our road trip to meet our Spotters in 33 cities last year we took a little camera and microphone, and asked all our Spotters a few questions. One of them was “Why are you a Spotter?”

Spotters have a lot of different reasons to become a Spotters. Some of the things we heard most often:

  • I want to share my love for my city with others, and help make their visit unforgettable
  • Being a Spotter gives me a great reason to get out of the house and keep discovering
  • It’s cool to get published online – you never know what happens!
  • I get to learn to write (English) better, and learn about photography
  • I’m part of an awesome community of Spotters!

Interested in sharing your love for your city on Spotted by Locals too? Get in touch!

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