Why become a Spotter?

We can think of many reasons why someone who likes writing & their city should join us as a Spotter… but the best persons to ask of course are our Spotters!

Here’s some quotes from recent applications we received recently:

“I have been spotting new interesting and most of all unique places since i started going around Athens by myself at the age of sixteen, so spotting is not new to me , but more like a life habit!”

“Traveling and helping people are my two greatest passions. By being a spotter, these two passions of mine collide.”

“Although Oslo has been my home for the past six years, I still approach the city as a traveler. I discover new places, but love going back to the places I love, and can’t wait to share them with others.”

“Although I left a city where I planted deep roots, I find rediscovering your identity in a new city can be one of the more rewarding experiences to go through.”

“I love to travel and love finding unique places. I want to share hidden gems as well as old and new favorites with anyone visiting my city.”

“I thought I would apply to your site as I really do enjoy writing and photography and this seems like a wonderful outlet where I can be helpful to other people.

Recognize yourself? Apply here and become an ambassador for your city!

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