Why become a Spotter?

We can think of many reasons why someone who likes writing & their city should join us as a Spotter… but the best persons to ask of course are our Spotters!

Here’s some quotes from applications we received recently:

“I hate to waste my time going to pointless places and spend my money on garbage when I am travelling. But its hard to avoid that. I want to help others to keep away from that as well.

“Because I found many amazing places thanks to this website and I want to contribute my favorite spots in Bratislava to help others!”

“I came to Ghent as a student and fell in love with the city. Ghent feels like a little village with nice spots to relax, have a drink or even go for a walk in nature. People are so nice and there are so many little jewels that tourists don’t know about that I would like to share with this little community.”

“Although I left a city where I planted deep roots, I find rediscovering your identity in a new city can be one of the more rewarding experiences to go through.”

“I’m an architect and I’m deeply saddened by the new architecture in Skopje. But what disturbs me the most is the fact that this kitsch architecture is the primal representation of the city in the eyes of the foreigners. I truly believe Skopje has much more to offer and I want to show that to the world. I believe this is the best medium to reach out to a wide range of people who are interested in truly exploring the beauty of the world and that’s why I wanna contribute to this community.”

“I thought I would apply to your site as I really do enjoy writing and photography and this seems like a wonderful outlet where I can be helpful to other people.

Recognize yourself? Apply here and become an ambassador for your city!

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