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Image by ReflectedSerendipity (via Flickr)

Image by ReflectedSerendipity (via Flickr)                                                                       

As you probably already know Spotted by Locals continuously incorporates new cities into the platform. This is because we know that there are so many (usually hidden and not very well known) spots worth visiting in different countries of all continents. But, most importantly, the main reason is that we always strive to give our travelers the opportunity to “be a local” in as many cities as possible.

Yerevan is a city that has been on our list for quite some time now. A city, that is usually overlooked by tourists grabbed our attention very quickly, not only because it is one of the most ancient capitals (older than Rome!) of the world but also because it has a huge scene of culture, art and entertainment and deserves to get more recognition among international travelers. Moreover, it is a city where enormous investments are being made each year in order to better the city and give it more charm. Having lived in Yerevan for 17 years, every time I go back I am astonished by how much the city has prospered in only 1 year or even 6 months.

In addition to the aforementioned points, here are some more reasons why Yerevan should be the 67th city of Spotted by Locals!

It blends Europe with East

The geographical position of Armenia is exactly on the border of two continents – Europe and Asia. Hence, Yerevan is a unique city that will make you witness to East meeting West and becoming one whole by merging into each other.

Image by Ara Chahvekilian

Image by Ara Chahvekilian

To begin with, while wandering the city you will notice various flea markets selling anything you could imagine: from carpets to crockery, from souvenirs to paintings and more. On top of that, a classic Yerevan scene can’t be outlined if seniors playing board games in parks are left out. Add all this to the well known Eastern hospitality of people and one may think that Yerevan is anything but a European city. However, you would be too naive if you jump to that quick conclusion as Yerevan will probably have great surprises in store when you turn around a corner.

Image by Nina Stössinger

Image by Nina Stössinger

Not only do the old pink buildings in the city centre resemble Parisian architecture but all the little cafes, bars and terraces with live music will also make you feel like you’re in the very centre of Europe. At the end of the day however, you will give up on classifying the city as “Eastern” or “Western” and will gladly accept the unique atmosphere that Yerevan spreads around.

It is a “local” capital

Image by Jenni Fuchs

Image by Jenni Fuchs

Being home to around 1,000,000 inhabitants, Yerevan is probably one of the few capitals in the world that remained, to a great extent, mono-ethnic. This means that even by visiting only the capital you will be able to get to know the local Armenian culture since around 98 % of the population in Yerevan is Armenian. Yerevan would especially be a highly interesting place to visit for the traveler who has become tired of huge multinational capitals and would prefer visiting a capital which still carries the regional culture in it.

The food is that good

Image by debs - eye (via Flickr)

Image by debs – eye (via Flickr)

Since good food is a huge factor when it comes attracting new travelers to a city, we put it as one of the main reasons Yerevan should be included on Spotted by Locals because this is a city that will satisfy even the most picky food – lovers. Because let’s face it, you just cannot resist the huge variety of mouthwatering dry fruits combined with nuts or the traditional, delicious delights that you will definitely get to taste when you’re a guest at someone’s house.

Is Yerevan your city? Do you speak the local language? Want to join our community and become one of our Spotters? Apply here!

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