Working from Athens for 3 months

Street art 2

Athens Street art

We’ve rented out our apartment in Amsterdam for 14 months starting the beginning of this year. After traveling like crazy the last months to meet Spotters in 33 cities in Europe and North America, it’s quite nice to be working from one place now for 3 months…

Our “office” with Acropolis view

And what a place: Athens Greece! We’ve always loved this city, and it’s a dream come true to stay here for 3 months. We are very grateful to our Athens Spotter Dimitris. One of his family members happened to rent out one of the most beautiful apartments we’ve ever stayed in. Smack dab in the middle of Plaka, with a view on the Acropolis from the balcony where we work every day…

Street art

It also feels good to be here during these difficult times for Greece. We find the media outside Greece have a very different view of what’s happening. Greece is really safe and everything works. One of the best ways to help Greece is to come here, spend some Euro and engage with the locals. The wonderful Greek people will welcome you – even if you’re from the country of Jeroen Dijsselbloem or Wolfgang Schäuble…

Spotters meeting Athens 1

Spotters meeting Athens

We’ve also met many of our Spotters a couple of times already – such a nice team of Athens lovers, and such a great city guide! One of our main goals here is to visit all Spotted by Locals Athens spots with the app – that’s an average of 1.5 new spots a day. Should be possible!

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