Interview with Zoltán Széngi (Budapest Spotter)


Today an interview with Zoltán Szényi, Spotter for our Budapest cityblog. Zoltán showed us some very special Budapest Spots. We will never forget the beautiful Gregorian concert in a church!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I am a student studying social sciences. I spend most of my free time with my friends who are also enthusiastic explorers of Budapest. At the moment I just hope to finish my exam period as soon as possible to get out from the building of the university for a while to enjoy the sunshine.

Why Budapest?
A must do at least from my point of view is to leave the beaten path, whatever it means in your case. This is what the Spotted by Locals project is about. I do think that you have to see the really different faces of this city. Even the fifth district which is considered to be quite touristic can surprise you.

Which prejudices about Budapest are true? Which ones are not?
It is true that the people working in the public transport system especially the controllers are often rude and do not speak any foreign languages. But do not worry they are rude to everybody, not tourists are the only ones who can not find a voice with them.

If we talk about prejudices which are not true then the first one which comes into my mind is that “Budapest can be done in four days”. No, Budapest is definitely not that city. I spent here more than twenty years and still I discover new places.

What do you know about Budapest what no tourist will know?
I grew up here so I am connected to some parts of the city with thousands of stories. That is what I know and how I try to contribute to Spotted by Locals.

What is the most popular neighborhood to live in Budapest at this moment?
It depends really on who you ask. For people who want to be close to the centre but still feel that they are in a bubble Ujlipotvaros which is part of the 13th district can be one of the possible answers. Many people do like the Buda side more because it is greener and from many parts of it you can easily reach downtown Pest and the pub areas in not more than fifteen minutes.

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