Underground at Ink Block Boston

Image by Supriya Manot

Underground at Ink Block – An urban art haunt

As I headed towards Traveler Street from Boston’s swanky South End, I felt that I was walking towards someplace special. We almost missed the spot while maneuvering our way around the underpass. Cars whizzed by on either side and above us on a flyover. This wasn’t turning out as expected. Suddenly, my husband happened to notice a series of colorful interconnected stripes stretching out on a bike/walkers lane leading into what would have been an abandoned parking lot. We followed the stripes and found ourselves admiring graffiti created by a diverse group of artists. Bold strokes and imaginative themes were the dominating elements in the murals that we saw. From Sanskrit letters to fishes to graffiti with social messages- the place is now a colorful, creative hub. 

Underground at Ink Block is a project every urban city needs. It is an 8-acre space transformed into a park in conjunction with the city government. It’s the perfect place to bring children, dogs, families for an outdoor stroll. In the summers, the space also hosts yoga sessions, activities for children and food trucks. Last fall, they also hosted their very first Oktoberfest. Fancy a surprise surrounded by skyscrapers? Find your way to this underpass.

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Traveler Street 90, Boston

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24 hours daily




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