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Lenka Encingerová (1988)

About me
After living in France, UK and Germany for a couple of years, I moved back to my city in 2012 and keep rediscovering it ever since.

I love exploring local history, learning about urban planning and design and looking at the city as a living organism. I would like to write more about places outside of the centre of Bratislava, where tourists rarely tread, such as Bratislava’s suburbs, each unique with their own history and cool places.

Why Bratislava?
Bratislava has an ideal location. You can cross the border of four different countries within a day in this corner of Europe. It’s an undiscovered gem where the majority of tourists spend maximum a day or two, even though there are so many things to see!

I hope I can also help anyone who already lives here to rediscover their own city and places they might not know yet.

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