Múzeum Dopravy Bratislava

Image by Lenka Encingerová

Múzeum Dopravy – When public transport was chic

Ever since I studied the industrial revolution in school I’ve been fascinated by railways and their effects on people’s lives. If your favourite toy as a kid was a model train or you are an ‘old timer’ enthusiast, head to the Múzeum dopravy (Transport Museum).

It’s situated just below Bratislava’s main train station. Climb a couple of stairs on one side of the overground passage and you will discover a long red brick building which looks like an old train station. In front of it is a long row of various historical vehicles such as the legendary Czechoslovak Tatra trucks or a steamroller.

The museum houses several exhibitions related to transport. One of the highlights is the colourful display of vintage Skoda automobiles. There are also a couple of electric bikes and a substantial collection of anything railway related from signs, signals, uniforms to even a very funny looking car on rails. I guess this must be a pretty good source for movie props. And the best part is when you step out to the platform you feel like you’re in a movie – you can explore the old trains and how simply (and dangerously) people used to travel a 100 years ago.

Currently on display is also a selection of Volkswagen cars produced in Bratislava since the early 1990s or a legendary Ford Model T, the first mass produced car in the world. You can visit the museum for example on your way to or from the train station next door.

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Tue - Sun 10:00 - 17:00


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