Some of the Best Places to Drink Belgian Beer in Brussels

Concert at Café de Bizon (by Café de Bizon)

Belgian beers are famous worldwide. When traveling to Brussels (or Belgium in general) it’s an absolute must to try some local beers! And if you think you don’t like beer, you might change your mind in Belgium! We have so many varieties that there is surely one you’ll love: Fruity beers, light beers, dark beers, beer without alcohol, gluten-free beer, sweet, sour, chocolaty…

Beer is a huge part of Belgian culture, but so is the act of drinking beer. The café culture is quite unique and if you wish to experience that when visiting Brussels, head to one of the places listed down below! Belgian cafés closed for almost a year during the Covid pandemic. All of them are really struggling. Local bars need our support more than ever!

Café De Bizon

Concert at Café de Bizon (by Café de Bizon)

Café De Bizon is a cozy blues bar located in the city center. They describe themselves as an amazing atmosphere of blues, booze, and entertainment. They take pride in the art of serving beer while the cozy atmosphere is still incredibly inviting. You’ll be served beer in the right glass, at exactly the right temperature with just the right amount of foam on top. Enjoy your beers while enjoying the music in the background, what more would you want?

Moeder Lambic

Interior of Moeder Lambic (by The Hop Leaves)

At Moeder Lambic they have 40 beers on tap! And they have even more beers on offer in bottles. As the name gives away they have special attention for Lambic beer, which is a type of beer brewed in the Pajotteland region close to Brussels. Lambic beers exist in many varieties but especially the fruity ones are worth a try!

Moeder Lambic also has a wide variety of Brussels’ Guezen. Gueuze is a special kind of Lambic beer that is made by mixing old and young Lambic beer together for a second fermentation. This gives gueuze a dry, cider-like, musty, sour, taste. Moeder Lambic is one of the best places in Brussels to taste both types of beer!

Le Tavernier

The terrace of Le Tavernier (by Le Tavernier)

Le Tavernier is located very close to the Dutch and French universities of Brussels. The whole area around the cemetery of Ixelles is a popular spot for students to come and have a drink when they don’t feel like staying on campus. You’ll find many fun spots here but if you are up for some good beer Le Tavernier is a great place! They have a big selection of beers at very affordable prices, which is a rare treat in Brussels. They do fill up quite fast, especially their amazing terrace, so it’s best to arrive a little earlier to claim your perfect spot.


Front view of The Monk (by Wandermust)

This place is always busy! It’ll be hard to get the locals to agree on what their favorite thing is about Monk. The spaghetti, the surprising selection of great Belgian beers, or the nice atmosphere. The bar is divided into two parts. In front, you’ll find your typical Brussels bar with a brown interior. In the back, they have their spaghetti buffet for when you get hungry from all the drinking.

Le Coq

Inside Le Coq (by draught a craft)

This place has a history. It was one of those places back in the day where artists came to spend money they did not have. When it was almost closed down years ago it made national television, which resulted in it staying open! Today everybody in Brussels knows Le Coq. It’s a quiet place to get coffee and read a newspaper and turned into a bar filled with people by night. It’s one of those places where you go for one drink and you’ll find yourself at the bar at 5 AM in the morning talking to a stranger about political issues you did not even care about when the night began.

Maison du Peuple

Terrace of Maison du Peuple (by Maison du Peuple)

Maison du Peuple is located on one of the most lively squares in St. Gilles. Its name translates to the house of the people. It was named after the famous Maison du Peuple built by Victor Horta which was sadly demolished. It’s a great bar with a great beer selection outside of the center where you can still find a lively atmosphere. They also host quite a lot of live events that are worth checking out!

Bar des Amis

Waiter serving cocktails ar Bar des Amis (by Ivan Put)

Bar des Amis is located two doors down from Monk. They are quite similar in atmosphere and design. At Bar des Amis you’ll find live music accompanied by Belgian beers at quite affordable prices for a bar located in such a good area. This place fills up quite fast so be sure to arrive a little early if you can!

Café Belga

A busy day at Café Belga (by Café Belga)

If you walk past Café Belga at Flagey, you’ll notice that it’s always crowded. It’s one of the most popular bars in the area! They serve a great selection of beers and it’s a great place to mingle with the locals especially at the bar. If you want to enjoy a more relaxed evening with friends, go sit outside on the terrace. Or if they ran out of space, take your drink and go sit by the water just a few steps away.

Ritcs café

Students at Ritcs Café (by Ritcs Café)

Ritcs Café is part of the RITCS School of Art. During the day it’s the main hub for students but after 5 PM they open their doors to everyone. They mainly serve the classic Belgian beers combined with young and hip beers brewed in the city. They host weekly events mainly organized by the students of the RITCS. If you want to get a feel for student life in Brussels, this is the place for you.

Moeder Lambic Fontainas

Moeder Lambic Fontainas (by The Hop Leaves)

Place Fontainas is a little tucked away square in the city center. It has an amazing atmosphere, especially in summer. This is the second location of Moeder Lambic as mentioned above. Same reasons to visit just with the added bonus of a great calm location right in the city center!

Brussels Beer Project

Beers from Brussels Beer Project (By Brussels Beer Project)

It would be a shame to explore the Belgian beer culture in Brussels without trying some beers brewed right in the city center. Brussels Beer Project beers can found be found in many bars in and around Brussels, but if you want to see where their beers are made you should head to their microbrewery at St. Catherine. You’ll find the widest selection of their beers in a nice and cozy atmosphere.

Brasserie Verschueren

Facade of Brasserie Verschuren (By Brasserie Verschuren)

What’s nice about Brasserie Verschueren is that they don’t try to be anything trendy. It’s one of those classic bars where you’ll find the regulars hanging at the bar almost every evening. You can feel the history radiating from the walls. Oh, and of course their beer selection is excellent!

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