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Iulia Notaros (1983)

About me
I was born and raised in Romania and come from a family of mixed Romanian and Hungarian heritage. I am a native speaker of both languages and my parents are teachers, so I was always very interested in learning new things and trying to have a balanced and informed view on whatever topic I was dealing with. I moved to Budapest to study and majored in English and Finnish. After university I started working in HR, which is what I am still doing today, leading a team of HR advisors working with the entire EMEA region. Besides my day job, I am a keen photographer, with a special interest in architecture and urbanism, and I occasionally freelance as a translator and write articles for Romanian media outlets, mainly related to cultural events such as concerts or festivals.

Why Budapest
Budapest has become my home away from home and I feel that now, more than ever, the city needs people to stay and maintain its cosmopolitan, open nature. I am very interested in the idea of Central and Eastern Europe as a cultural continuum that I feel very much a part of, and I spent a lot of time investigating Budapest’s past and present from this point of view, so whenever I am introducing the city to someone I try to go beyond stereotypes and offer them a more genuine vision of Budapest.

Where else can you find me online?
Pocket Diary Budapest

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