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Igor Socolov (1988)

About me
I’m a businessman in the automotive sector of Moldova and a father of smart kid Maxim. My job involves frequent meetings with suppliers and customers from abroad, and I can say that knowing some facts about the partner’s home country and talking about yours is key for any conversation.

My biggest passion is traveling with my family, and to my joy, they share it completely. Our top destinations are Italy and Greece, in some places there we already feel like locals. My other area of interest is good wine and wine culture, which is evident for a Moldavian resident, and combines perfectly with travel experiences.

Why Chisinau
Chisinau is not the most popular tourist destination, but in this fact lies what sets it apart. The latest trend in tourism is over-tourism, so while cities like Venice or Barcelona struggle to cut the number of visitors, in Chisinau it is the opposite, and the title of less-visited country can hold many discoveries that are inaccessible in other places.

Still, Chisinau is a budget destination, where locals will meet you with genuine interest and hospitality, and in the majority of the spots you will rather enjoy independence than crowds of tourists. And of course, the wine and cuisine are the top reasons for a visit to Chisinau; you can even miss some museums and monuments, but trying a glass of local wine combined with local food is a must — it will help you understand a lot about Chisinau and Moldova.

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