Schauspiel Köln im Depot Cologne

Image by Rabea Ottenhues

Schauspiel Köln im Depot – (no) temporary theater

While the main theater of Cologne in the city center is being renovated, the Cologne theater company has found a more than suitable alternative location for their plays. Since 2013, two stages are situated in an old factory building in Mülheim, giving the theater a modern, creative vibe. For me it feels like the theater really belongs there. Luckily, the director of the theater company sees it the same way and wants to keep the “Depot” after the main theater in the city center reopens. When that will be, no one exactly knows…

Schauspiel Köln produces classic dramas from Shakespeare to Goethe (usually with a modern interpretation and interesting scenery) as well as new and innovative performances, often about current topics like immigration or digitization.

The Depot is a bit further out the city, but only a few meters away from Keupstraße where you can eat the best kebab in town before the play starts.

Even right at Depot, there is more to see and do than just the plays. In front of the building, there’s Carlsgarten, a cool Urban Gardening project, and on the other side you’ll find Stuntwerk, a great indoor bouldering place.

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Details about this spot



Schanzenstraße 6, Cologne

Opening Times

Daily from 19:30 or 20:00


Tickets from: € 10


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