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David Brandt (1979)

About me
I am a Copenhagen native. Or as close to one as possible: I grew up in a neighboring suburb but went to high school in downtown Copenhagen. I have been living in the cozy Frederiksberg neighborhood since 2002.

When not enjoying great food, fabulous drinks and good company, I work as a Project Manager for a large shipping company.

I love hanging out in the different areas of the city, either in places I know and love or exploring remote deserted places like old harbor areas. I love photographing street life, food and anything else interesting I encounter.

Why Copenhagen?
The best thing about Copenhagen is the size of the city. It is big enough to have all features of a city and small enough that it is easy to get around. You can bike everywhere or take the metro across the city in just a matter of minutes. Copenhagen has a great fashion scene with lots of small funky shops around town, lots of green parks that you can hang out in and finally lots of beautiful people.

Where else can you find me online?

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