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Daiana Andreea Nagy Deac

About me
Heya! My name is Daiana and I’m a recent English Philology graduate. When I’m not binge-watching some tv show for three days in a row, I can become pretty active and adventurous. I started traveling when I was very little and it’s an interest I kept with me to this day. I love discovering new places especially if it’s in nature, as hiking and camping are two of my greatest passions. I also like tequila shots and cats.

Why Dublin
I first came to Dublin as an exchange student two years ago and the city mesmerized me instantly. Dublin seemed to me like a very alive city, with people singing on the streets, laughing in the pubs, and chatting in all the cafés. I think it’s a beautiful city with interesting people to meet and lots of things and activities to do.

Where else can you find me online?

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