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Mark Gorman (1962)

About me
I’m Mark. Apart from my university days, I have lived in Edinburgh all my life. I chair Creative Edinburgh, the organisation that helps creative professionals network and grow their businesses. It promotes the city beyond its boundaries. I’m an ad man having worked in advertising since the mid 1980s but for a decade and more have done my own thing.

I love art, travel, theatre, music, cinema, food, wine, beer, cooking, cycling, walking – sometimes all in the same day. Some would call me bohemian I suppose.

My wife, Jeana, and I have an Air B’n’B room in South Queensferry so we get a chance to meet visitors to my beloved city which is at its best in August during the world’s biggest arts festival. Utter nirvana.

Why Edinburgh
Many people think of Edinburgh as a big village. You can’t walk through the city centre without bumping into a friend. Yet it has 500,000 residents so is big enough to support a strong economy. It’s almost perfectly proportioned; to walk from the Port of Leith to the other side of the city centre takes a little over an hour (briskly) and in that hour you’ll see every form of life, many nationalities (Leith has a big Polish and Asian community) and the centre is full of tourists and a slew of different buildings and skylines.

The art scene is healthy, with only a decent large music venue missing from our repertoire.

It has a good eating and drinking culture (OK it’s not Italy standard but it’s decent) and the climate is favourable.

Phenomenal history and architecture.

The greenest city in Britain.

Really, what’s NOT to love.

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