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András Barta (1986)

About me
I am what is known in Geneva as a real “genevois”. As in raised-in but not born-in. I was born in Budapest in 1986 and (was) moved to Geneva when I was 8 months old, and spent my life in this city, at the center of the world. I have been a bookseller, a financial advisor, a bartender, a security guard, worked in a warehouse, a flight attendant and I am now COO of a small business.

I have been active in the Geneva couchsurfing scene since 2006 and I am the communications director and event coordinator of the Geneva section of Erasmus Student Network. I love photography, horology, literature and cinema. I like to make people feel at home wherever they are and thanks to my having grown up in Geneva, I am in a position to do just that. Whether it is by organizing nice things with ESN or providing a passing by traveler with a couch or tips, I absolutely love meeting people from all over the world and sharing with them.

I am more of a city person, I like to get to know locals and their culture, their hangouts. I also love talking, so I am going to stop now, but will gladly tell you loads more on skype!

Why Geneva?
Ever since I started hosting on Couchsurfing as a grumpy 20 year old, I have fallen in love with my city. I used to go to the same places all the time with the same people, grumbling about how small and boring Geneva was. Then I met travelers, interns, expats and started seeing Geneva through their eyes. Wherever they were, these people always made the most of their location.

I discovered Geneva through their eyes, started going to more and more places, actively looking for things to see and do. And lo and behold, I discovered that Geneva is fun, it has amazing cultural opportunities, loads of festivals, events, amazing public services and is full of fun people!

I signed up to organize events for ESN in 2010, and it has been my job since then to make students and others do fun things in the city. I discover Geneva a bit more every day and I love every minute of it!

Where can you find me online?

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