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András from Geneva

A real “genevois”. I met travelers, interns, expats and started seeing Genev...

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I have been to the Geneva Museum of Art and History lots of times. I grew up in Geneva, so my first memories of the place are ones of fear and excitement at the sight of the Egyptian mummies, and of boredom while dragging my feet through the painting exhibit, trying to find a place to sit without falling asleep while the teacher went on, and on, and on.

Over the years, I have been back to the Museum for temporary exhibitions, on a whim after thinking about medieval weaponry (they have that, too), or when I just feel someone I know is in need of some serious education. I’m always surprised that I find new things to see each time. The art section of the museum is very well done, the paintings are in historical order, which makes the whole experience all the richer by putting everything into context.

My favourite spot in the museum has to be the café/bookshop. They are both located in a hallway in the basement, and the typical coffeeshop sounds benefit from outstanding acoustics. It also has a terrace with a small fountain and some enormous slabs of stone of ancient origin.

The bookshop’s main goal is not to make money, being part of an institution funded by the city. And it shows. They have amazing 30-40 year old art books, just waiting for someone to thumb through them and pick them up. It’s the perfect way to end a lazy, cultural weekend.

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András from Geneva

András Barta photo

A real “genevois”. I met travelers, interns, expats and started seeing Genev...

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