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Inken Schütz (1988)

About me
I am a content copywriter for various websites. And I love it! Being a freelancer has its perks: I am working from home and can hang out with my cat Captain Kalle whenever I’m done with current projects.

On weekends and in my spare time, I enjoy exploring Hamburg and learning more about the city and its places. And I love to travel! There are still so many places on the world map that I need to see in the near future…

Why Hamburg
I was born and raised in Hamburg and have always loved the positive vibes and the cultural diversity of the city – and, oddly enough, even the weather! When I moved to the South of Germany for my studies, I always knew I would be back for good some day. And I am! I’ve been living in Hamburg since the end of 2015 now and love it here more than ever.

Where else can you find me online?

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