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Matthias Claudius Marcus (1970)

About me
I have always enjoyed exploring exciting cities. And discovering the hidden gems, charms and the character of each place I’ve visited or lived in.

I like cities much more than I like the countryside. I’d much rather have a cocktail in a Bangkok Skybar than be on a beach on some remote Island. It is an urban wanderlust.

The best part of every city vacation, are the little glances I can take into the lives of my peer group members, thanks to this network. So, I visit their favorite spots, walk through their neighborhoods and drink their coffee and ask myself: Why not live HERE?

As a lawyer, a father and a curious human being, I will happily share my Hamburg discoveries with you, so you can ask yourself the same question.

Why Hamburg?
Hamburg is simply beautiful by any standard, like postcard-eye-candy-beauty. Hamburg has always had a lively music scene and a pretty great alternative culture and attitude. By no means it is as big or as hip as, for instance, Berlin and that is very likable.

But it is big enough to find members of your peer-group, who thrive to make this city a little better. Be it as customers, consumers or entrepreneurs.

In a rather small area, you can find a ton of really innovative shops, bars and cafés and some incredible urban hideaways. And everything is just a bike-cruise away. And why not take a boat?

It might not be a Metropolis. It is just a charming, small-scale Big City with a lot of good people in it. And that just works for me.

Where can you find me online?
Tumblr Boards of Hamburg

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