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Zeynep from Istanbul

Istanbul weaves the old and the new, chaos and serenity, Europe and Asia, and re...

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Rutin, located in an old & narrow street of Beyoğlu, is a hidden gem run by two talented and humble chefs, Kaan Demirci and Gizem Yavuz. As someone who values sustainability, quality, and creativity in my dining experiences, “Rutin” exceeded my expectations and added to my list of “routine” places to visit, as the name refers. Operating five days a week, Rutin offers a truly unique dining experience where the chefs have the freedom to express themselves.

What sets Rutin apart is its strong focus on the local movement, with an emphasis on sourcing ingredients locally. This commitment to using fresh, local produce shines through in every dish, which is prepared and served with an artistic touch. I highly recommend their dish – tarama with a slice of homemade bread. Amazing!

Stepping inside Rutin, you are greeted by a warm and inviting space decorated with wooden tables, a bar in the centre, and surrounded by cosy windows. The modern yet sophisticated atmosphere immediately puts you at ease, and the carefully selected music on vinyl adds to the overall ambience.

Rutin captures the essence of Istanbul, providing an experience that goes beyond the ordinary. For those seeking an authentic feeling of the city and a willingness to think outside the box when it comes to culinary adventures, Rutin is a must-visit with a reservation.

One sweet note: if you love cooking and trying new tastes, here is a video of a very delicious meze called mücver explained by chef Gizem Yavuz.

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Zeynep from Istanbul

Zeynep Ozortac photo

Istanbul weaves the old and the new, chaos and serenity, Europe and Asia, and re...

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Tomtom, Kaymakam Reşat Bey Sok. No:19/A, 34433 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Türkiye, Istanbul

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Opening Times

Tue - Sat 15:00 - 22:00


Tarama dish: TL 220


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