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Zeynep Ozortac

About me
I am Zeynep who embraces the different aspects of life and finds joy in the simple pleasures. Although I have a background in civil engineering, my journey has taken an unexpected turn as my soft skills and interest in human dynamics led me to a career in HR. I always had a deep passion for art. In my free time, I transfer my curiosity and creativity into various forms of expression. What once started as a hobby has now evolved into a unique clothing brand, ZepArt.

I love to take long walks by the Bosphorus. The vibrancy and diversity of urban environments inspire me to create art, but nature also holds a special place in my heart, and I cherish spending time in the peace of forests. As I age, I see my life as my personal masterpiece—a result of experiences and coincidences. Like one of my tattoos says, “Why not?”.

Why Istanbul?
For me, Istanbul, an effortless city that weaves the old and the new, chaos and serenity, Europe and Asia, reflects life itself. It has a special place in my heart as it holds my cherished childhood memories, my many firsts, and my victories & defeats. Istanbul, one of the oldest cities in the world, has a thousand years of history. The city was the capital of three great empires: Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman.

That chaos of ours is never a flaw but a source of energy. Curious and passionate souls like myself who are looking for a multifaceted experience will be more than happy here. The energy generated by chaos, breathtaking architecture, mouthwatering cuisine, and the hospitality of its people make it a truly inspiring destination. Its complexities and allure have the power to capture the heart and soul of anyone lucky enough to experience its wonders.

Where can you find me online?

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