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About me
Media & culture management student with an interest in marketing and art. On a daily basis, I write for SaaS companies as a Junior Content Creator. I can’t imagine having a non-creative job, as I also paint as a hobby from time to time. Aesthetics is my soft spot, so I seek beauty in daily life and tend to get passionate about everything I do. I developed my love for discovering new spots & trying new dishes quite early. I can’t imagine my day without a cup of coffee (or three), so I dream about owning an Aeropress and a drip. I’m also a proud owner of a Russian Blue cat and a Maltese.

Why Krakow
It would be easier to say what I don’t love about my city. I was born in Krkow and honestly, I can’t imagine living anywhere else in Poland. The atmosphere is just magical no matter what time of the year it is. The architecture, the history of the city, the artistic ambience and so many cool spots to discover – all this creates an unforgettable picture. Plus, Krakow is swarming with cafes which are a perfectly balanced cocktail of an old-school, vintage vibe with modern decor. This city is so exceptional, that my fascination with it will never fade away. I’m here to show you Krakow as seen from my own perspective – piece by piece.

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