Przestrzeń Pełna Czasu Krakow

Image by Aleksandra Dyl

Przestrzeń Pełna Czasu – Co-working space & more

Whether you’re looking for a place to work (on your own, or with a team) or you’re just craving a good coffee and a magnificent cheesecake, you won’t be disappointed by this spot. 

It’s founded by Aleksandra Budzyńska – an empowering woman whose company aims to teach women time management and self-development. All this is visible in this multi-purpose place.

A space that has it all

Przestrzeń pełna czasu (Eng. “a space full of time”) is hard to put into simple words. It combines a co-working space, a café, a business library, and a shop! It’s all located in a spacey, post-industrial room with a colorful twist.

Organize yourself – a shop & a business library

When you cross the door, you enter the shop. It offers an array of stationery, calendars, and course books – time-management-related things. There’s also a tiny business bookstore and library (you can borrow a book or read it in place).

A co-working space

First of all, the space is designed with great care for quality and details. You can work there all day comfortably and choose the type of chair and desk that fits your needs.

Drinks & pastry

In the café, you can order a coffee (made from dobra palarnia roastery beans) and something sweet. I recommend trying a pistachio cheesecake (an iconic dessert), however, there are many other options, all tasty (some cakes are provided by Massolit Bakery).


  • Perfect for remote work. 💻
  • Specialty coffee & homemade pastry (local).
  • Located in picturesque Kazimierz.
  • Workshops & other events.
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Details about this spot



Świętego Wawrzyńca 19, Krakow

Telephone number


Opening Times

Mon - Sat 10:00 - 20:00


Cheesecake: PLN 17


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