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Zuzanna Dziurda (1985)

About me
I come from Krakow and spent most of my life here. I grew up in Nowa Huta – East district of Krakow. I studied (of course) in Krakow and even if I moved away a few times, I’ve always come back.

I love travelling and exploring new places. This may be a reason why I studied tourism and why I keep learning foreign languages. I already know some Russian and French and I am happy when I can practise them.

I love good food, good company and wandering without a goal around the streets of my city.

My first love is Krakow, my second one is Lisbon (and Portugal), where I lived and worked for half a year. Both are just amazing and have a special place in my heart.

Why Krakow?
Krakow is my town – I come from here, I grew up here, I studied here… all my best memories are connected with this beautiful city.

I love my neighbourhood – Nowa Huta – and I am fighting the negative stereotypes about it. Krakow without Nowa Huta wouldn’t be the same place, believe me. I am happy that the general opinion about it has started to change and I will be even happier when I can share my knowledge about it with you.

As far as Krakow is concerned… it will never stop surprising me! There is a lot to discover here and I will probably never stop exploring.

Where can you find me online?

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