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Cláudio Carneiro (1972)

About me
I arrived in Lisbon in 2000, straight from Porto Alegre, Brasil. Living abroad was a dream I had since I was a child. First I thought of becoming a diplomat, and that’s why I started the Law School. But soon I found out that diplomacy life was boring and then I gave up.

When I graduated in Law, I had to do something to not become a lawyer, so I came to Lisbon. Lisbon would not be my first choice, but it welcomed me so strongly since the very beginning that my roots here became thicker. So, although I am always travelling everywhere and always wishing to live anywhere else, I am always happy to come back to Lisbon.

Why Lisbon?

  • It’s not a big city compared to other European capitals, but here you can find endless things to do;
  • The river, the castle and the hills;
  • Everybody loves coming to Lisbon;
  • I love touring my friends around the city, and never get tired of doing it!

Where else can you find me online?
Pictures “Olhares”

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