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About me
My name’s Nuno and I was born and raised in Lisbon. I studied Tourism and worked for the Estoril Coast Tourism Board for 5 long years. Soon I started travelling a lot, learning different languages – from Russian to Mandarin – and getting to know different countries and cultures. You can tell I fought on both sides of the war.

Now I write for several blogs and I’m a tour guide in my new project.

I like driving my noisy old Renault 4l with her tired engine with thousand kilometers in the narrow streets of Lisbon. I’m also a musician.

Why Lisbon?
I went to Berlin for 90 days and started discovering the city and exploring all the new spots following hints from locals and finding about new ones every week. Soon I started writing about the new spots, and all the things I missed from Lisbon. Now that I’m a Spotter, I’ll show you the hidden spots in one of the oldest cities in Europe and all the things I missed.

And why Lisbon? Lisbon is changing, but has some old places that are still hidden. It’s a small town and everything is near. Locals are really friendly. I love the hills (a thing I missed in other cities I’ve been to). There’s our delicious local food, without any kind of tricks, just real products like excellent fish and olive oil…

The sun: There’s a light in Lisbon different from any other place I’ve been to. Maybe because of Tagus, I don’t know…well, you must see for yourself.

Where else can you find me online?
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