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Miha Poredoš (1990)

About me
I love stories and I love people. That’s why I am an anthropologist.

Amazed by our miraculous world, I wander around, travel, ride my bike, rock climb, run, make films and music, hang out with friends, work, study, but most of the time I search for stories.

Stories of the people I meet on the streets, in coffee shops, at the library, on the faculty, in the forests, at mountaineering, cycling, climbing, when I am doing field research, making movies, music or just talking with friends.

Everyone has his or her own unique story, and also every city has its own story, every corner has one. If I don’t know it, I make it up. And few of them I share with you.

Read it, visit it and make yourself your own… story.

Why Ljubljana?
Because it’s full of stories.
Because it is small and bearable.
Because I can ride all over it with my bike and not get too tired.
Because the people are kind and willing to help you if you need help.
Because you think you know somebody, but it turns you know everybody.
Because it seems you know some place and than you get lost without even noticing.

Where can you find me online?
Check out my Spotters Interview on the Spotted by Locals’ blog.

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