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Črno Zrno – Colombian cold brew coffee

There are only few who wouldn’t agree a cup of coffee is an essential drink to start the day with. However in this steamy hot summer it feels quite unpleasant to sip darn hot espresso sweating under the sunshades. Until quite recently I had been ordering macchiato in a glass of ice, making it an affordable and chilling experience for a caffeine addict. Then a friend told me about a small cafe hidden in a narrow corridor of Ljubljana old city center, owned by a Colombian living there.

He came up with this amazing idea of importing and roasting carefully selected Colombian beans directly from farmers in his home country and preparing it the way majority of the folks there drink it – cold brewed. The whole process would likely be explained to you by the baristas themselves, but cutting it short it means they soak the beans for one to more nights, before they press it out and mix it with ice into a delightful liqueur like coffee with an unique sourish taste and particular aroma, calling it “specialty coffee”. It is served in wine glasses. it also has a beer-like foam floating atop of it and it freshness sure has a potential of becoming the summer coffee drink in Ljubljana.

What I wouldn’t go for are the ordinary drinks from the “espresso family” which with, god forbid, added milk or sugar transform an otherwise enjoyable refreshment into a crumpling face experience of taste bud discomfort.

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Gornji trg 17, Ljubljana

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Fri 11:00 - 15:00, Sat 10:00 - 14:00, Mon 11:00 - 15:00


Specialty café: € 1.70


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