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About me
My name is Angelina and I am originally from Bulgaria. I grew up in Bulgaria, studied, and started my professional career there until I began to get itchy feet. My urge to travel took me to South East Asia but I soon realized Europe is a better fit for me so I took a job in London and have been stuck here ever since!

I am a Business Analyst at a Fintech company which is a really exciting field to be in these days! I also feel lucky that my company’s office is in the middle of London and on my way to work I get to walk through Waterloo bridge absorbing the views of the London skyline and Big Ben! Other notable things about me are my love of cats, traveling, wine, food, and snowboarding (though quite a novice here) in no particular order!

Why London?
Where does one even begin…? Much has been written and said about London and by greater writers than me for sure! London feels like home, a place where I belong and where I am amazed by something every single day!

I remember the first time I visited London years ago and how fascinated I was with the architecture, the sheer number of things to do, and the openness of people here. When I moved to London in 2018, my favourite way to spend the weekends was exploring the different neighbourhoods all with their own character. It really made me appreciate how diverse this city is!

Where can you find me online?

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