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Peter Hoffer (1980)

About me
I’m an American guy living and loving London. I moved here to study but fell in love with the city and stayed.

Aside from exploring new corners of the city, I enjoy theatre, exploring second-hand bookshops, rugby (and a bit of Quidditch).

I am a keen traveller (42 countries and counting). However, no matter what exotic locale I am visiting, after a few days I long to be back in London to walk amongst its parks, browse its bookshelves and eat its eclectic foods.

Why London?
Growing up in the US, London always seemed like a fantasy city – something that only existed in films or books. Yet my first trip to London as an 18 y/o allowed me to put my own stories to London.

Since I still consider myself a Londoner-in-Training, I make extra effort to learn more about my city every chance I get – a lazy weekend means a lost weekend of exploration for me. A new museum or a hidden cafe discovered on a ramble brings me a quiet joy, which I want to share with friends immediately

Where else can you find me online?
Or check out my interview on the Spotted by Local’s blog.

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