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Max Kanin (1985)

About me
I am a campaign finance and elections law attorney and real estate investor. I am also Delegate to the California Democratic Party and the Los Angeles County Democratic Party. Passionate about politics, food, architecture, history, Dodger baseball, Laker basketball, and all things LA.

Why LA
LA is a city where people have long come to make their dreams a reality. It is a vibrant city of creativity, imagination, and reinvention. There is an intangible energy that flows through the city and expresses itself in the amazing restaurants and stores, incredible architecture and art, uniquely designed neighborhoods, and in the culture generally. So many of the great spots here are reflective of this inventive energy. Often the great spots are restaurants, stores, neighborhoods, and buildings that are repurposed, reimagined, reinvented. LA is the city that embraces the different and unexpected.

LA is also a city that is truly a non-conformist melting pot. We are home to every race, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation on the globe. Hundreds of languages are spoken in our metropolis and a myriad of different cultures exist. Yet there isn’t simply a peaceful coexistence of different cultures or even a tolerance. Instead, there is an enthusiastic embrace of the different cultures as people from all backgrounds freely mix together and embrace the cultural traits and traditions of others. It creates a collective Angelino identity that is truly unique among cities.

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