Magic Castle Los Angeles

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Magic Castle – Know a magician?

Try to find a magician when visiting Los Angeles. The Magic Castle is an exclusive private club that is only known to few. You need to know a magician member or be a guest at the Magic Castle.

A part of the Academy of Magic Arts, Magic Castle was renovated from a 1909 mansion. Opening its doors in 1963, the Magic Castle has over 5,000 members. You can apply for several types of membership online to gain access to the castle.

The Castle is only open for dinner. Fancy dress required. A secret door at the entrance lets visitors into the lobby. After you eat, guests are treated with the best magic shows in the West. Magicians perform in auditoriums, small rooms, and in front of you at a table in the castle. There are various shows throughout the night, so one can visit each section in sequence. Try to come early.

You can also take magic classes at the Magic Castle. Classes are usually held one night per week for six weeks, from 19:45 – 21:45. Classes usually full all year!

I visited the Magic Castle a few times. Finding someone who can give you a guest pass was the hardest part of getting into the Castle. The best is the Close-Up Gallery where the magician performs the right in front of you. 

There was a fire at the Magic Castle a few years ago.

Check the website for membership info for a visit or stay at

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7001 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles

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Dinner seatings 18:00, 20:00 & 21:45


Dinner price: US$ 25


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