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Image by Elizabeth Militello

Movie filming location – This your homework Larry?!

If you are reading this post based on the title, you are a fellow bona fide Big Lebowski fan! The Coen brothers filmed in various locations around LA, and this may be one of the more obscure references. In the movie, Larry Sellers may have lived on “Radford near the In-N-Out Burger” when he was “flunking social studies,” but the actual filming location is in an unassuming community called “Faircrest Heights” tucked in a corner near La Cienega Blvd and the 10 freeway.

There’s not much to see in the area, but if you are headed towards the freeway and want to detour only a block out of the way, it’s easy to get to.  The house now has an overgrown tree out front, a new paint job, and no red corvette outside, but you can still recognize the house from this Youtube clip (R rated language):  Please remember this is a private residence.

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