New Beverly Cinema Los Angeles

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New Beverly Cinema – Vintage double features

The New Beverly is one of the most beloved movie theatres in Los Angeles. Its current format has been a staple for nearly 40 years (double features of classic/cult films, one admission = two movies). It’s such an institution that, even projecting to small crowds, it gets top talent to show up for impromptu Q&A sessions (I heard Al Pacino dropped by for a recent show of The Panic in Needle Park). The theatre was famous for playing Reservoir Dogs every Friday and Saturday at midnight for 3 years. So it made perfect sense when, a few years later, it needed saving and none other than Quentin Tarantino came to its rescue and became owner and (more recently) head programmer.

Since then, the New Bev has become a 35mm only movie theatre. For old fashioned film fans (like me), this is the only real way to see a movie. Going to the New Beverly, it’s like traveling through time. Not only I get to see classic/cult films in the big screen, they are in celluloid! And just $8 for 2 movies! They also attach rare shorts and trailers at the beginning that can’t be found anywhere else. Just keep in mind these film prints are OLD – occasional scratches and the like are part of the charm!

In addition, their popcorn/soda/candy is only $2-$2.50. It’s not all vintage though. Their concession stand does have energy drinks and White Castle sliders, if you’re feeling nostalgic for the present. Otherwise, this is a shrine to cinema history all around.

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