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Recollection LA – Vintage clothing and vinyls

This small store is for vintage fashion lovers! It’s hard to imagine that you’ll find so many cool clothes in such small space.

What you’ll find here are the most fashionable, colorful, and stylish pieces. Items vary from 1920s women heels to DKNY vintage blazers. They also have a denim rack and Star Wars soundtrack vinyls. So even If you’re not a fan of vintage clothing yourself, Recollection sounds like a store from which you could maybe get unusual gifts for your friends.

Through their Instagram you’ll be able to track pieces and get updates on what’s been sold. You can also use their DM and make purchase there. That would also be a helpful tool If you want to put an item on hold to make sure It doesn’t get sold while you are on your way there or whatever your situation is. Most of them are unique pieces, so when you find something you really like, that’s pretty much your only chance to get it. But that’s also the most amazing part, because anything you get from them, you’ll probably be the only one wearing it. And that’s the point of fashion: to be unique! As everything @ Recollection is.

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Details about this spot



606 North Hoover Street, Los Angeles

Opening Times

Mon - Fri 13:00 - 19:00, Sat - Sun 12:00 - 18:00


Silk blouse: US$ 39


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