Scum and Villainy Cantina Los Angeles

Image by James Hsiao

Scum and Villainy Cantina – Sci-fi lounge

Hollywood has its own Star Wars and other sci-fi themed bar, and now for good! Due to high popularity, this once-pop-up bar is here to stay.

My favorite cocktails include all kinds of Star Wars, Star Trek, and other science fiction-themed drinks. Always inventing new drinks for new characters and seasons. Please try out each one.

There is a drink which is a whiskey shot followed by a roll of two blue- and red-colored dice. Blue means another shot of choice by the bartender. Usually very nice. 2/6 odds.

You can dress up in any sci-fi theme you want. I’m usually a Rebel Commando on Endor or a Pilot. Make sure you can drink, full masks are kind of hard. There are good chances of a party where everyone is dressed up with lightsabers. It’s pretty fun for picture taking.

Usually, Wednesdays are trivia days (at 20:00). And every other Thursday has been a  live-band karaoke, meaning you will need to know the tempo, and there’s a sheet of paper for words. Pretty hard, but fun.

Look for specialty drinks when there’s a new sci-fi movie in theaters. 🙂

Opened again after the pandemic. Check out the dividers. Lots of new features and renovations. It might get really busy so go early for new mixed drinks!

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Details about this spot



6377 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles

Opening Times

Wed - Sun 18:00 - 02:00


Sci-fi cocktail: US$ 12


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