Venice Beach Skatepark Los Angeles

Image by Elizabeth Militello

Venice Beach Skatepark – Skateboarding birthplace

Skateboarding fans can do an alley-oop and backside grab with a sunset view at the Venice Skate Park. I am not a skateboarder myself, but every time I walk down the Venice boardwalk I take a rest at the skatepark to marvel at the locals defying gravity.

Skateboarding was invented in Los Angeles in the 1940s and 50s when surfers decided to take their balancing skills from the ocean to the pavement. Rebel boarders in the ’70s would sneak into emptied pools to influence the art of skateboarding. There’s a documentary called “Dog Town and Z Boys” that documented the start of the skateboarding culture in Los Angeles that is worth a watch.

The Venice skatepark area has two giant pools and a spot for street tricks. The website is really cool because it’s got a live camera and local skaters have profiles with their respective videos. If you’re daring enough, drop into the pool and show your skills, but please wear a helmet!!!

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1500 Ocean Front Walk, Los Angeles

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08:00 - 19:00 daily




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