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Ella Holttinen (1997)

About me
I’m an owner of a Finnish passport who has commitment issues when it comes to choosing a place to stay. I’ve been based in Malmö since 2017 due to my bachelor studies, but I’ve been switching my location between Sweden, Germany, Finland and South Korea. Despite being an outsider in the city, I use the right to call myself as a local due to the knowledge about the cool places I can share with you. The only factor hindering my integration is the fact that I don’t ride a bike, and in Malmö everyone bikes.

I’m interested in everything that’s happening outside the mainstream culture, and I love art in all its forms.

I spend most of my student loans on americanos, seeing live music, tattoos and travelling.

Why Malmö
Malmö is a multicultural hub, and its closeness to Copenhagen gives it a more international vibe, which I like. The two major universities located nearby make Malmö a young, cool and vibrant city that is evolving all the time. It’s easy to blend in in Malmö as an outsider and figure out your own way around the city.

Where else can you find me online?

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