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Jérémie Gerhardt (1977)

About me
My work is my best travel agency, I’m a color scientist, and since the early 2000s, I started to explore other countries and cities where my specialty brought me. Originally from Paris where I always like to go back, I lived in Oslo, Berlin (where I used to be a spotter as well), and now in Montreal since 2017. I’m finally working in the movie industry after joining the VFX studio DNEG at their Montreal office in the summer of 2022. I like to take pictures, to stay creative and I’m always ready for city exploration on my bike or in my running shoes. If you like art galleries, music shops, and microbreweries you may like my spots in Montreal.

Why Montreal
Montreal has mainly two seasons, winter and summer and I really like how the city flips upside down when the change occurs. It’s difficult to choose which moment I like better because I enjoy equally being able to go Nordic skiing when it’s -15°C in the city at multiple locations or cycling along the St-Lawrence river during the summer. It’s very cliché but the city rhythm is very chill, and if you manage to move from A to B without a car it can be a pretty relaxing place to live. Plus you can buy fresh bagels 24/7!

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