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Jérémie Gerhardt (1977)

About me
I work as a color scientist and my job has brought me to many different countries and cities in the last 16 years. Originally from Paris, I lived and studied in that city but also in Montreal, Oslo, Berlin and now I’m back to Montreal, only for work this time. Obviously I like to travel, but more importantly, I like to settle somewhere and start exploring my new surroundings in order to blend into the local crowd and eventually become one of them.

Why Montreal
I come from a bigger city, so I always appreciate in my new home what I could not get originally. Montreal is quite spread out but not too dense. There is a part of urbanity but you can easily escape. You don’t feel being compressed, there is space and the Montreal people are pretty relaxed. I can cycle along the St -Lawrence River on a Saturday afternoon, buy a fresh bagel – fresh bagel is life – on my way home and attend an electronic musical event at SAT in the evening. This plurality I like.

Where else can you find me online?

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