Big Wheel Montreal

Image by Jeremie Gerhardt

Big Wheel – Giant outdoor public art

Outdoor public art pieces are entry points to discovering a city. The more I cycle in new areas, the more I get visually attracted by elements in the public space. Going to Hochelaga by Ontario street, I spotted several color tiles on the wall, after passing again and again on my way to le Sino or visiting Marc Gosselin gallery.

The same happened earlier this summer while exploring Montreal-Nord. Again while I was cycling, along the River-of-the-Prairies this time. I saw a big metallic structure from a few hundred meters away, but didn’t get closer.

It’s only a few weeks later, again talking with local artists, that this big wheel was mentioned to me. If you are already in this part of Montreal, you should totally go to the BGL installation at the crossroads of Pie IX and Henri Bourassa. It’s big and it’s fun.

Once you are there, there are several options for you. You could have a stop at the local fast-food chain Dic Anns – exploration makes one hungry – and then leave these busy streets to discover some of the green backalley of Montreal by visiting an outdoor gallery, for example.


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Henri-Bourassa / Pie IX, Montreal

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24 hours daily




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