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Natalia Stepanova (1987)

About me
I was born in Siberia (never seen a bear outside a zoo though). Since 2010, I’m a happy Moscow transplant, now working as an editor for an Internet company. I soon learned to take for granted all those fantastic things this city has to offer: great theaters, its growing third wave coffee scene, good food (I keep my personal, regularly updated falafel rating), art spaces.

I like to take long walks around the city – pick a destination, start from the city center and see what Moscow has in store for me (there are usually a few hidden gems to be discovered, or at least some greasy and delicious food to be bought and happily eaten along the way).

Why Moscow
I’ve witnessed the city become more and more amazing each year. In addition to all that impressive architecture, new awesome places have started popping up: galleries, cafes, music venues.

Somehow this all works together beautifully: skyscrapers next to Soviet heritage next to orthodox churches next to a hip Vietnamese eatery. A bit like hearing “And now for something completely different!” all the time. Also, Moscow is one of the few cities where it’s totally normal for a coffee place to be still open at 22:00 – because people here know that you might need that caffeine fix for enjoying and exploring the city at night.

Where else can you find me online?

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