Bund on Broadway New York

Image by Paula Ryszkiewicz

Bund on Broadway – Soup dumplings

This little spot is one of the most popular restaurants on Astoria’s restaurant row on Broadway. The owners of Bund hail from Flushing, Queens which is famous for their close-knit Chinese population and tradition of authentic cuisine. 

The great thing about Bund is that there are two menus: the laminated permanent menu, and the ever-changing seasonal menu printed on computer paper. From the permanent menu, I go straight for Bund’s famous pork soup dumplings. The dumplings are perfectly onion-shaped, encasing an incredible soup broth and juicy pork meatball. The trick is to lift the dumpling with your chopsticks and slurp up the broth without spilling or burning your tongue on the hot soup! Each order comes with six dumplings in a bamboo steamer so you have plenty of dumplings to enjoy and perfect your technique.

Another favorite on the menu is the pork belly buns, which are the best I’ve ever had. The pork belly has a perfect fat-to-meat ratio, the bun itself has a pillowy texture, and the sauce adds a sweet tang. All dishes are served for sharing, so you can sample a big variety. Sometimes, if I am channeling Anthony Bourdain, I venture into the seasonal menu and order something I’ve never heard of. Bund really shines because the menu is created thoughtfully to remain loyal to authentic Chinese cuisine, and each item is made fresh.

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Broadway 25-08, New York

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11:45 - 22:00 daily


Soup dumplings: US$ 5


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