Lawrence Cemetery New York

Image by Christian Neely

Lawrence Cemetery – Tiny but important cemetery

This site is one of the least known historical sites in the entire city. Situated in the more residential heart of Astoria, Lawrence Cemetery is one of the oldest graveyards in the city. Although the grounds themselves are not open to the public, except by permission from the owner Mr. James Sheehan, it is still possible to catch a glimpse through the gates. A comment he left on the Google reviews says that he will gladly allow visitors who are truly interested!

Though seemingly mundane to passersby, some pretty important people are buried here including a member of the state constitutional convention, a Civil War hero, and a Supreme Court justice. It’s also interesting to note that the cemetery is built on one of the oldest roads in Queens! It is fascinating just how small this cemetery really is. This location is currently maintained by an elderly gentleman who inherited it from his father-in-law who has been paying for the maintenance out of pocket. Unfortunately, it’s becoming harder to maintain. Who knows, however, if you volunteer your time, he just might let you check it out!

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Lawrence Cemetery, New York

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