Taco Mix New York

Image by Craig Nelson

Taco Mix – Tiny & tasty

When I go for a walk in my neighborhood, it can be hard sometimes to avoid grabbing a snack. With so many delicious options costing just a few bucks (like one of the best slices of pizza in the city, check my Patsy’s article), I always make sure to have a ten dollar bill in my wallet.

Case in point: Taco Mix on 116th Street. This longtime taqueria was recently renovated but it’s still small, narrow and only has a few seats. I always eat standing at the counter where you have easy access to all of the fresh red and green salsas, chili peppers and even a tub of cucumbers and limes.

Taco Mix serve up tortas and burritos, however just remember the name of the place every time you order, because it’s hard to beat their al pastor and chorizo tacos. The pastor is slow cooked on a spit like shawarma, delicately sliced off the giant chunk of meat and topped off with a refreshing chunk of pineapple. Their tacos are pretty small, which is fine by me. It just gives me an easy excuse to order two every time!

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Details about this spot



234 E 116th St, New York

Opening Times

09:00 - 17:30 daily


Taco: US$ 3.50


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