Ekebergparken Oslo

Image by Glenn Wells

Ekebergparken – Oslo’s other statue park

Oslo’s Ekebergparken is home to a wide forested expanse overlooking the city from high above in the East. It’s also home to Oslo’s other statue park, where you’ll be able to mingle among and marvel at more sculptures than you can shake a marble stick at. The 40 works are placed here and there along trails through the woods, out in the open, even suspended from trees. The names of the many of the artists of these inspiring pieces will also ring a bell – Rodin, Dalí, Hirst, Vigeland, Renoir to name of few.  

While all these works would be impressive on their own, there’s something very special about them finding their home here. There’s something distinct about the Norwegian psyche captured over the entire area. The area is rich with history and as you’re strolling about you will also come across signs for burial mounds dating from the early Iron Age and into the Viking Age. These woods have long been a part of the local identity, the roots are deep and you’ll still find locals wandering about with you as “a walk in the woods” is even more Norwegian than cross-country skiing.

Do yourself a favor and spend some time relaxing at Ekebergparken. It’s an experience you’ll never forget. You can also start and/or end your exploring from this viewpoint, where you’ll find a close-up view of the heart of the city as well as the setting for The Scream by Edvard Munch (check out my article).

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Kongsveien 23, Oslo

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